By PressCPA
Aprile 8, 2024

Once again, the CPA comes to the defence of the riders to denounce behaviours that put the integrity of the athletes at risk.

CPA President Adam Hansen and the Steering Committee of the Association des coureurs professionnels, thanks to the intermediation of the French CPA member trade union UNCP, have decided to take legal action against the person who, during the recent Paris-Roubaix race, attempted to harm the integrity of rider Mathieu Van der Poel by throwing an object at him.

“As was already the case at the Tour of Flanders, where the CPA, thanks to its Belgian member association BPCA, took legal action against violent supporters – said CPA President Adam Hansen – bad behaviour by the public will not go unpunished and those responsible for acts of incivility that endanger the smooth running of the race and the health of the athletes will always be prosecuted.”

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