The CPA board of directors welcomes the new national associations

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Agosto 1, 2019
egan bernal

The International Association of Riders applauds Egan Bernal, this year’s Tour de France winner. The 22-year-old Colombian, with his powerful riding and – finally – with his thank-you speech in four languages, is a great asset for our movement and for the spirit of union between different people and cultures.
The members of the CPA board of directors, who have met on the 27th and the 28th of July to address the issues that are most urgent for to the riders they represent, were on the Champs Elysees to congratulate him. On this occasion,  the President Mr Gianni Bugno, welcomed the new Belgian, Polish and English association which will all become official members of the CPA.
Also the new Prize Money platform was Illustrated. It’s is now fully working and ready to bring great advantages to the athletes for maximum transparency and making sure that all prizes will be paid to the riders. «We invite the riders and the teams that have not yet created their profile to enter the missing data so as to proceed as soon as possible. The already deposited prizes by the organizers can thus be paid quickly. Mrs Laura Mora, the CPA Secretary General, adds that the riders can directly contact the CPA in case of need or for any further detail and assistance about the Prize Money management.

The riders’ representatives also took stock of the safety in this year’s Tour, sending their compliments to the organizers of the Grande Boucle for managing the last few days, which were really difficult in terms of weather.
«We keep putting forward preventive measures, but it is undeniable that our delegate at the races is already imposing greater attention on the issue in the eyes of the organizers and therefore we feel sorry for Peter Sagan’s statement. Pascal Chanteur in the past three weeks has been very busy asking the judges to extend maximum times and the feeding zone during the warmest stages. The organizers are becoming more and more sensitive about the riders’s safety also thanks to our continous work in this sense”, comments Mr Bugno at the end of the meeting.
During the Vuelta a España the CPA will check with the UCI the problems that both the athletes and the delegates have highlighted at every single race this year in order to work together in a constructive way.
Another point on the agenda was the Transition Fund. Some new funding will be sought to meet the rising demand of support by the riders without burdening them at the same time.
Regarding the Equal Agreement, the CPA will meet with the association of teams, the AIGCP, in September to improve the work contracts of the riders. The main topics will be the minimum salary and the riders’ insurance.
The project to broaden the riders’ representations continues also on the female side. Alessandra Cappellotto keeps being really busy within the the UCI commissions and at the different competitions. The result is a new women’s association in France and also a greater consideration of womens’ Cycling by all stakeholders.
The next meeting of the CPA Governing Council will be during the next World Championships in Yorkshire.

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