The balance sheet of the activity carried out for the riders

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Dicembre 29, 2021
women cycling

The participation in the UCI men and women World Tour seminar in the last days has been the occasion for the Riders International Association to draw the sums on the year that is going to end.

The president of the Cyclistes Professionnels Associés Gianni Bugno, and Alessandra Cappellotto, who is responsible for the CPA Women,  confronted the other cycling stakeholders on topics of absolute interest for the riders as the sustainability, the safety and the innovation of the movement. All the parts share a common commitment on raising the quality of organising races, protecting riders, promoting cycling and its values.

«The CPA supports the UCI in its strategy of integrity towards inclusion, respect for diversity and the fight against abuse. Together with its members, it will work to carry out campaigns to protect the climate and promote cycling, a green tool par excellence» said Bugno. «We have appreciated what has been done so far to improve safety at races: the accident database and the software that Ghent University has developed to assess the danger of race courses, the tests carried out on the barriers currently in use and the research into more appropriate and safer protection for cycling. We are heading in the right direction and would only like to see this translated into quick and effective solutions for riders right away. In the meantime, the CPA is not sitting on its hands: we have agreed with the AIOCC that from January 2022 we will review the issues raised by riders and our delegates at individual cycling events and communicate better between the parties during the race, with a view to preventing any problems from arising. The CPA’s riders surveys and our delegates at races reports will contribute to better safety and we are grateful to the organisers for their cooperation and listening».

The Covid-19 protocols, which will be adjusted according to the evolution of the pandemic, the anti-doping system managed by the ITA and the tools that will be used to prevent technological fraud were discussed. All participants agreed that the new UCI-CPA prize management system provides maximum transparency and has improved the flow of payments.

«We will soon be re-discussing the equal agreement with the AIGCP and will be proposing changes that we feel are important for riders, such as increasing the minimum wage but also improving insurance and a regulation for all activity where riders’ sensitive data comes into play, personal data whose collection and processing is protected by law and subject to the consent of the person concerned».

«For the women’s movement we are certainly making a big leap forward. 2021 was an important year with the first Paris-Roubaix in history dedicated to women and 2022 will be just as important with the return of the women’s Tour de France» Cappellotto adds. «Women cyclists in the World Tour will be equated in all respects to their male colleagues in 2023, but we must not leave behind the athletes who are part of the UCI Continental teams. The priority of the CPA Women in 2022 will be them, who make up the majority of the peloton. We need to grow the whole movement, starting from the roots, in every corner of the world».

Looking ahead to the new season, the CPA is working on a new app to further improve internal communication within the group, as well as a new statute, redesigned to ensure greater participation of male and female cyclists in the life of the CPA.

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