SKZP. Presented the National Association of Professional Riders in Poland

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Agosto 5, 2019
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At the opening press conference of the Tour de Pologne the new association of Professional Cycling Riders in Poland, the Stowarzyszenie Kolarzy Zawodowych w Polsce (SKZP), was officially presented. On Friday, August 2nd, some of the highest category professional male and female riders gathered in Krakow to formally form a working group that will defend the interests of more than 50 Polish pro riders, working within the International Riders Association (CPA).

The event was attended by Michał Golas, Tomasz Marczynski, Marek Rutkiewicz and Jarosław Marycz, with the latter that once off the bike soon got busy for his colleagues in activity, playing on several occasions already the role of the CPA delegate at the competitions.

«We are delighted to have finally managed to unite to reach the common goal of taking care of the interests of Polish cyclists. This is the perfect time to launch an association since we never had so many athletes and teams in the top category among the World Tour, Professional and Continental teams, as well as a great race in the international calendar such as the Tour de Pologne» commented Jarosław Marycz, who received the task of creating an association in Poland from Gianni Bugno, the president of the CPA.

«I must warmly thank the current Polish champion Anna Plichta who made a fundamental contribution to the start of our association and which involves both the male and female riders. Thanks to all the people involved, we are proud to be part of the CPA family. I wish all Polish riders a great season».

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