Riders talk directly with the UCI president David Lappartient

By PressCPA
Luglio 3, 2020
David Lappartient

The first online General Assembly of the world riders’ association was a first in many ways. On June 29 professional riders held a virtual meeting and – something which had never happened before – they had the opportunity to talk directly with the UCI president David Lappartient

«I was really happy for your active participation. Transparency has always been the guiding principle for me and for all the members of the world riders’ association. Our latest meeting is a clear proof of our commitment to transparency» wrote Gianni Bugno, CPA president, in an open letter he sent to athletes after the Assembly. «It was a special Assembly, which gave us the opportunity to discuss the current situation, in a really challenging period for the whole world. We also had the opportunity to clear up some of the doubts you had following the spreading of fake news on our actions. The president of the Union Cycliste Internationale debunked the lies that have recently appeared on the media – including the rumours concerning the use of the World Tour fund – and he openly replied to your questions. I am very disappointed about all the attacks against our association. But I am equally proud of what is being done by the men and women who represent you in the meetings with the other stakeholders. I would like you athletes to see first-hand what we are doing. This is why we will take the opportunity of this period without competitions to keep on discussing – one by one – the topics which we are working on. Next Monday, July 6, we will have a Zoom meeting on the Career and Transition Fund. Then, we will discuss other topics that are important to you». 

Online meetings will continue, just like communication between the UCI and the CPA, which has promoted a direct and fruitful collaboration between cycling stakeholders. Bugno asked riders to engage in the activities of their trade union: «In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I kindly ask you to keep yourselves informed and not to believe to the lies which are spread by individuals who do not know the facts, who are trying to discredit what we do for the riders, and who put their own interests before yours. If there is something that is not clear or if you have any doubts about our actions, there is no need to draw up petitions. You can just call me or get in touch with the CPA Secretariat, whose only purpose is to work for you and for your interests. There is always room for improvement, so I ask you to engage in our activities. I know that during an ordinary season you do not have much time to dedicate to trade union issues. But this emergency has taught us that we can also have virtual meetings to successfully overcome geographical distances. This is what we will continue to do, in such a way to keep constantly in touch».

In the letter addressed to all professional cyclists, Bugno continues: «As you know, we have committed ourselves to promoting the creation of new national associations all over the world. It is not an easy task, but we believe that this is the best solution in order for you to be best represented by our delegates. Indeed, they speak your language, they know the legislation of your country and they have close ties with the sports institutions and national authorities of your country. Cycling is becoming more and more global – and so is the CPA, which firmly believes in the association-based model which was chosen at its foundation. I am asking for your help also for this complex project. Please help us identify the right individuals we can rely on to best protect you also at a local level».

Here is the conclusion of the letter: «When I was a rider, the CPA did not exist. In order for the riders’ voice to be heard, it was up to the most famous champions to speak up. We did not have any protection. We did not have anyone who could defend us. When I say that having a trade union and defending it is essential, I do so because I know how valuable it is. I and many others who preceded you have worked hard to get to this point. The results we have achieved over the years are self-evident. Please help us to constantly improve, for the benefit of every single rider and of the whole world of cycling».

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