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Febbraio 10, 2023
cpa election

On 17 March, the world association of professional cyclists Cyclistes Professionnels Associés (CPA) will meet to elect its new president. We will find out who will succeed Gianni Bugno in Milan, on the eve of the Milano-Sanremo and two days before the Trofeo Binda, which will bring together the world’s best cyclists in Italy. Professional riders (i.e. members of WT teams and PCT teams for men or WWT teams for women) will be able to cast their vote both in person and, for the first time in the association’s history, remotely.

To have the right to vote, however, they must first register with the CPA at in the members’ section. Once they have taken this crucial step, they will be able to download the MyCPA app that will allow them, among other things, to vote electronically in the president elections and in all future CPA assemblies.

MyCPA offers many services but essentially allows for greater interaction between CPA and riders who will more easily receive important union communications, telegram links and polls of the races and information on CPA delegates.

Riders who wish to vote for the new CPA president will necessarily have to attend the assembly called on election day, ensuring, as mentioned above, that they have first registered with the CPA. If they wish to vote in person, they can do so by going to the place that will be indicated by the CPA one month before the elections, or they can attend the meeting and vote remotely using MyCPA.

All male and female cyclists who are registered with the association will receive the necessary information in due time to access the Zoom link of the CPA meeting (for organisational reasons, if remotely, it is essential to register no later than 48 hours before the start time).  In the event of technical problems, please write to in good time.

Those who are already members of a national association part of the CPA can of course also vote through the president of their national association. In deed, the national associations will debate with their member riders regarding the election of the CPA president and decide internally which candidate to support as an association. 

Register with the CPA provides riders with many advantages and at no cost. The first of all is to make their voice heard by the other stakeholders of the movement in the venues where the most important decisions for cyclists are taken.

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