In a month the first online elections in cycling history

By PressCPA
Febbraio 17, 2023
cpa election

Each rider one vote. That’s how the athletes chose and that’s how it will be. This was one of the requests made to Gianni Bugno by the group and, as a result, in the upcoming elections for the new president of the world association of cyclists Cyclistes Professionnels Associés (CPA) every rider will be able to express their preference both in presence and electronically. 

The old CPA statutes in fact allowed riders to vote individually, but to do so they had to participate in the elections in person, which was rather difficult for athletes scattered all over the world and always busy training and racing. Many professional cyclists could rely on the collective vote cast by their national CPA member associations, but unfortunately not all riders have a union in their country. 

«Introducing electronic voting in the CPA was a necessary and important choice to ensure greater democracy in our union and to facilitate the participation of the athletes – said Gianni Bugno – and it was my primary goal in this last term of office. I am proud to leave the CPA with this innovation, a unique example in our movement and in many other sports, which I hope will take us as an example».

Thus, after a great deal of work to revise the statutes and after having completed the study of a secure procedure to guarantee the smooth running of electronic voting, in exactly one month we will discover the successor to the two-time world champion at the helm of the association since 2010. Just a stone’s throw from Milan, on the eve of the Milano-Sanremo and two days before the Trofeo Binda, which will bring together the world’s best cyclists in Italy, professional riders (i.e. members of WT and PCT teams for men or WWT teams for women) will be able to cast their votes either in person at the Hotel Le Favaglie in Cornaredo or, for the first time, remotely.

As already announced, in order to enjoy the right to vote, riders are invited to register with the CPA at in the members’ section and to download the MyCPA app that will allow them, among other things, to vote electronically in the president elections and in all future CPA assemblies.

Riders wishing to vote for the new CPA president will necessarily have to attend the assembly called on election day, ensuring, as mentioned above, that they have first registered with the CPA. The agenda is available on the association’s website, and the eagerly awaited voting time is scheduled from 3pm to 5pm.
All male and female cyclists should already have received the necessary information to access the CPA Assembly Zoom link (for organisational reasons, if in remote form it is essential to register no later than 48 hours before the start time). In the event of technical problems, please write in good time to

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