Good work WARA

By PressCPA
Luglio 17, 2023

Today it was officially announced the creation of the World Association of Riders’s Agents (WARA).

WARA’s objective is to guarantee the participation and consultation of Riders’ Agents in the governance of
professional cycling. WARA looks forward to productive communication with all relevant stakeholders to
optimize the role and regulation of riders’ agents. Riders’ agents play an integral role in the careers of professional cyclists. They aim to advance clients’ professional cycling career while safeguarding their best interests viz-a-viz the teams and event
organizers and the overall governing body in cycling.

In light of riders’ agents’ integral role in professional cycling, concerns about how they are
regulated have emerged. However, despite the agents’ integral role and them being regulated by the
UCI, they have had, until today, no voice in the scope and content of their regulation.
The time for the creation of WARA is critical as it will serve its purpose by bringing together all relevant
stakeholders to jointly act in the substantial reforms in cycling, as announced by the UCI in its policy
paper ‘AGENDA 2030’. The UCI explicitly states in its 2030 Agenda that it aims to strengthen the dialogue with stakeholders in
professional cycling. Through this dialogue, the UCI aims to conduct “strict oversight of the role of cycling
agents in order to promote transparency.” Therefore, it is a fundamental necessity that riders’ agents
are involved in this dialogue.

With the creation of WARA, riders’ agents aim to be included without reservation in the reform of UCI
regulations, especially those that pertain specifically to agents’ practice. WARA aims to perform this role
in a friendly matter and with a perspective of mutual respect and fairness. Agents’ work is very important in a growing movement like women’s cycling. We therefore wish good work to the new association, with which the CPA Women will soon discuss the issues that are most important to the athletes.

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