Gianni Bugno’s program for the future of the CPA

By PressCPA
Settembre 23, 2018
Gianni Bugno

In just few days, riders from all over the world will vote for their president. The elections of the International Association of Riders will be held in Innsbruck at the World Championships on September 27th.
Gianni Bugno, who represented the riders for the last 8 years, is running for a third term, with the aim of completing the many projects already started. 
«As already announced, my priority is to safeguard the riders’ jobs. I also want to help the cycling economy by talking in a constructive way with the other parties involved in order to make sure that the new reform of cycling is a clear step forward for the whole movement. This means increased minimum wages, better insurance, serious and safe contracts with the teams, stricter controls on safety, bearable transfers, a faultless logistic» explains Bugno. «There shall be new economic benefits for the riders, deriving from the rights of their personal image. Races that have not yet done so will have to increase their prize money. We plan to improve the Joint Agreement and strengthen the work we have started for the safety of the riders (application of the protocol for extreme weather conditions even in minor races, devices to control the implementation of the “cahier des charges” by the organizers; penalties for organizers who do not comply with the security regulations, stricter UCI controls on the activities of the organizers)».
In Bugno’s program there is also the will to create an even stronger and structured legal assistance service (with a team of lawyers in different countries) to protect the fundamental rights of riders in each category as there are many individual cases of which the CPA has dealt with over the years.

If Gianni Bugno, the world champion of Stuttgart 1991 and Benidorm 1992 will be confirmed in his role, the CPA will supervise the implementation of the new prize money management that will guarantee prizes to all riders at a lower cost, in a transparent manner, in compliance with the tax laws and under the control of all stakeholders. It will also take care of the Transition Fund, which will focus on the professionalization and reintegration into the working world of the riders at the end of their career, with the request for a contribution from the stakeholders and without an increase in the withdrawal from the athletes’ prizes. Concerning the Fund that has always been paid by the CPA to all riders, Bugno has already started working with the UCI, which only recently and under the presidency of David Lappartient has made itself available to recover all the outstanding money from insolvent organizers owed to the fund.
In terms of anti-doping, the Association of Riders will oppose the increase in costs and the numerous checks of professional riders, who unlike colleagues in other disciplines have already given their complete availability to combat this plague of the sport, even at the cost of their own privacy, and by giving their constant economic contribution. The CPA will always stand up for the sporting ethics at all levels, even in the minor categories.
«We will continue to support the women’s movement and the riders of the continental category in order to get recognition of their fundamental rights and greater visibility of their events – assures Bugno. – We will also try to involve the athletes even more by strengthening the role of the Council of Riders in the decisions of the CPA, and we will make the work of the delegates to the races more effective. We have already done a lot for the group but there is still a lot to do».

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