Fake news alert: to protect the riders we cannot lie to them

By PressCPA
Gennaio 13, 2022
fake news

After reading the latest note published by The Cyclists’ Alliance, the Association of Professional Cyclists reserves the right to sue the TCA for false information disclosed with the clear intention of defaming the CPA and manipulating the riders. The fake news published under the title Centralized Prize Money Management System which this year extends to women’s professional cycling, demonstrates the lack of credibility of the TCA on this topic. Through the dissemination of such incorrect information, the TCA not only appears to be ill-informed but manifests superficiality in its communications. The defense of the athletes’ interests requires rigor, seriousness and a pragmatic and professional approach as the CPA Women, the only international association recognized by the UCI, has in the pursuit of its mission for athletes. In order to restore the truthfulness of the facts, the CPA wishes to clarify the data on the management of women’s prize money in the World Tour and Pro-series races.

The deductions that will be made are:

  • A 1.82% levy for management fees (percentage identical to that of men)
  • A withdrawal of € 300 per year per World Tour team for bank charges
  • A withdrawal of € 200 per year per Pro team for bank charges

As it was pointed out during the official announcement of the women’s prize money management during the World Tour seminar, no other deductions will be applied.

It is also important to point out that the management costs of women’s prize money, although they have been significantly reduced compared to those previously made by men, will nevertheless not be fully covered by the 1.82% levy. The UCI has undertaken, in its policy of supporting women’s cycling, to finance the missing share which today represents more than 50% of the amount.

Thus, not only the athletes will be able to benefit from a service that allows the standardization of the management of prizes, transparency and traceability but also optimal financial conditions thanks to the skills acquired by the CPA over the years and the financial support of the UCI.

The UCI, with a pragmatic approach, as part of the reorganization of women’s cycling has decided, in consultation with the CPA, to apply centralized management to World Tour and Pro-series races for the 2022 season before extending it to class races. 1.

As already foreseen for men’s cycling and contrary to what was published by TCA, the designation of the agent who deals with the distribution of prizes to individual riders within the teams, takes place by free choice of the riders of each team through their individual account on the platform rewards. Basically, the athletes are totally free to choose by whom the prizes will be distributed and at what rate, within their team. The CPA undertakes, as part of its mission as manager of the centralized prize money platform, to scrupulously respect the representative appointed by the riders of each team.

«Nobody is obliged to choose the CPA as their agent, but if most of the teams choose us, there is a reason. The extension of this management to lower category races is a common goal with the UCI, in an approach that it will have to be pragmatic. In any case, it seems contradictory that TCA opposes the establishment of centralized management and at the same time complains that not all racing categories are immediately included…» comments Gianni Bugno, president of the CPA. «The riders are enthusiastic about how CPM works, with this transparent system no prize money is lost and riders are paid faster. Alessandra Cappellotto and CPA Women are doing important work in partnership with the UCI and other stakeholders to ensure that the gap between women and men is gradually reduced, respecting their specificity. We reserve the right to sue for defamation those who discredit our work by spreading slander and causing only damage to cycling and its protagonists».

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