Cycling has to work like a team during the covid-19 emergency

By PressCPA
Aprile 10, 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic is causing a huge number of victims and serious economic damage around the world. The coronavirus knows no limits and is hugely affecting the whole of society. During this challenge, the Cyclistes Professionnels Associés (CPA) is working to defend the interests of its members around the world.

«We’re aware of the difficulties that sponsors and the teams can face during this emergency; we’re ready to listen and to make compromises for the good of the whole sport, but at the same time we will be vigilant to avoid any speculation and to limit the difficulties the riders and their families face» Gianni Bugno, the President of the CPA said.

«We accept the flexibility the AIGCP has requested but the rules have to be respected. It’s not acceptable to make major cuts to salaries without the proof that the contracts cannot be respected. We hope everyone will try to find the best solution so that riders, team staff and anyone from the cycling family is not abandoned».

Our representatives are taking part in all the meetings called by the UCI that bring together the different stakeholders of the sport. Laura Mora, the CPA general secretary, who is on the front line during the emergency, highlighted the spirit of collaboration with rider agents.

«It’s the first time we’re working alongside rider agents and we’ve created a working group to move in unison. During this phase, so that nobody gains or loses by making agreements that damage others, there’s a real need to work together» Mora said.

«We’ll never accept a generalized reduction in salaries; we’ll evaluate each case individually and study how to limit the problems with specific help and strategies. We’re all in the same boat, in the middle of a storm and so to save everyone, we’ve got to respect the common principles and really work as a team».

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