CPA new bylaws is in force

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Dicembre 1, 2022
Alessandra Cappellotto

As of today, women cyclists become full members of the CPA 

As of today, the new bylaws of the CPA – Cyclistes Professionnels Associés – is officially in force, and for all male and female cyclists in the top category, important changes are in store.
On 21 November, the World Association of Riders approved the new ground rules that will allow professional cyclists greater participation in the life of the association.

In fact, the new statute guarantees the inclusion of women, even though in many countries they are not yet formally recognised as professionals, and allows riders to play an active role thanks to a new body, the Riders’ Council. Representatives from each team will be part of this riders’ delegation, which will be able to vote in the CPA steering committee and decide on all matters concerning the association.

«Since 2016 Gianni Bugno and the rest of the board agreed to open the doors of the association to the women’s sector and since then we have achieved a lot for the female riders. Today we can celebrate another concrete step that required work and patience –  comments Alessandra Cappellotto, director of the CPA Women. – Since the beginning of the CPA Women’s section, we have worked hard at the institutional level to give female athletes their own union, one that would be recognised by other stakeholders. We have given them a voice and representation worldwide, contributing to the birth of new national associations. With the UCI we have perfected the regulations, collaborating with organisers and teams we have contributed to the growth of the entire movement, and we are fighting so that female athletes can have a Joint Agreement that protects them at 360° as already happens for their male colleagues. We are working so that in all countries professionalism for women becomes a reality as soon as possible, even if each nation has its own peculiarities and laws to be reviewed, not only in the sporting sphere, to guarantee gender equality for all purposes» continues the 1997 San Sebastián world champion. 

On Tuesday, 6 December, the CPA board will meet to set the date and regulations for the next elections. What is certain is that, for the first time, female cyclists will also be able to express their preference and that the new president of the CPA will emerge from an electronic vote, the first in the history of the world riders’ association.

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