CPA assembly ready to ratify new bylaws

By PressCPA
Novembre 16, 2022
Gianni Bugno

The general assembly of the CPA – Cyclistes Professionnels Associés is convened for next Monday. On the evening of Nov. 21, members of the international riders’ association will meet to ratify new bylaws to formally include the women’s sector and electronic voting ahead of the upcoming elections for the CPA’s president.

«We have been working assiduously to update a Statute that has been in place for more than 20 years in order to allow a greater participation of riders in the life of the association and to ensure electronic voting. Since this is an association of professional riders, it is a historic step to be able to welcome women, who unfortunately in many countries have not yet recognized this status, and to enable everyone to express their preference. One of the goals of my term as president of the CPA was to include all athletes of the top category, without any distinction» explains two-time world champion Gianni Bugno.

The CPA has historically been conceived as a world association made up of national associations to guarantee an efficient service to riders who, because of the type of activity they perform, do not have time to attend every meeting but have the right and duty to be informed and participate, thanks to delegates who can represent them at the negotiating tables, deal with daily communications and be a national reference for them in terms of language, legislation and various needs. Without modifying this structure and seeking to increasingly expand its global presence, with the new bylaws, the CPA will evolve with the creation of a Riders’ Council, which will include representatives from each team and of which two members will be in effect part of the CPA’s Board of Directors.

«The amendment of the bylaws will also permit electronic voting for the next elections. It was a long process because, in order to make the procedure secure, we had to develop appropriate software – Bugno continues. – In the next few days we will launch MyCpa app, which will allow electronic voting and will keep riders up-to-date on the association’s activities, allowing them to take part in the assemblies, know the CPA delegates present at the races and communicate with them in real time with a simple click».

The Nov. 21 assembly is therefore an indispensable step so that cyclists can vote wherever they are and always be in touch with the association.

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