CPA against the antidoping controls which do not respect riders privacy

By PressCPA
Novembre 7, 2018
Vuelta Espana 2018

After another case of non-respect of the privacy of the riders by the anti-doping controllers, the CPA says «that’s enough». The association of the professional riders has already signaled to the CADF and to the UCI some intolerable situations on the timing of certain doping controls to which the riders are subjected.

«There have been cases reported where the riders were checked on their wedding day, during a funeral or on their child’s first day of school – says Gianni Bugno, president of the CPA – now we read about the case of Pieter Serry, controlled in the off season, out of the hour scheduled, while at the Flemish cycling festival. As an inmate, at the time of entering to the long-awaited Gala, he had to abandon the party to go under the controls. We can no longer stay to watch this modus operandi that does not take into account the rights of the person, such as his private life. The riders pay 2% of their prizes to make these controls possible, they are the only athletes in the world who pay the antidoping from their own pockets. The riders respect the measures required for the fight against doping, but at least they ask for the respect of their private life in return».

The CPA, in the coming days, will investigate to understand who ordered Serry controls, whether the Belgian national agency, the federation or the CADF. In addition, the CPA will present an official request to all the bodies involved in the fight against doping and the UCI to establish a code of conduct for the controllers, to ensure the respect for the private life of the athletes, at least in certain circumstances.

«The CPA has always supported the fight against doping – concludes Bugno – and has always deployed in defense of a clean cycling. We have invited the CADF director to our last assembly to work on common goals. In many countries we organize meetings between the riders and the members of the CADF to make the ADAMS geolocation system more comprehensible and inform the riders about their duties towards the doping controls. But now, I think it is time to take stock of certain riders’ rights too…».

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