Bugno sums up the work of the CPA at teh end of the 2020 season

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Novembre 10, 2020
gianni bugno

With the success of Primoz Roglic at the Vuelta a España and Lisa Brennauer at the CERATIZIT Challenge by La Vuelta, the road World Tour 2020 calendar has ended. The world of cycling, despite the difficulties caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, has managed to save the season thanks to the commitment of all the components that are part of it.
Cyclistes Professionnels Associés is grateful to all stakeholders, as confirmed by the words of the CPA president Gianni Bugno: «We have experienced critical moments with the organizers in some races, but we have admired their commitment and courage in not stopping despite the worldwide difficulties and emergencies we are experiencing and today, on behalf of all the riders, I want to thank them».


Although this winter will be more complicated than the previous ones, the activity of both road and cyclocross won’t stop and while the riders keep racing and training, their representatives continue to work to help improving their jobs. «We are discussing in numerous working groups with the UCI, the organizers and with the teams for a 2021 season in maximum safety – continues Bugno – and I am confident that we will obtain excellent results. All parts of cycling are focused on not stopping and everyone’s contribution is needed. It is in moments like these that we need to be united and constructive to face difficulties, without divisions. I would also like to appeal to the media to promote responsible and ethical information that serves to create value and not to divide in such a delicate phase».


The president of the CPA, referring to some news recently released about the startup of a new trade union movement, adds: «It is not my job to judge but what is certain is that managers by the nature of their profession and their personal profit represent only riders which are under contract with them. The CPA, on the other hand, wants to represent all riders in the same way. Thanks to the CPA and to the CPA WOMEN all male and female cyclists have the same voice. The CPA is made up of national democratic associations, mostly founded by former pro riders. It is the best way to be close to the athletes in individual national contexts and our legal system has always provided that each individual rider can cast his vote in the elections. Until now it was possible for riders to vote only physically, but we have adapted to electronic voting which will be in a technical safe way from the next elections scheduled for 2022».


«We have been fighting for years to achieve improvements at all levels for the riders’ jobs, we care about the fate of riders, their representativeness and safety. We know how much energy and work it takes to make small improvements. Every member of the CPA Steering Committee is giving maximum effort to represent the riders. Especially in this last very difficult year due to the worldwide pandemic and the consequent economic crisis we are experiencing we have demonstrated this, e.g. by preventing that some teams evade their commitments already made with the riders. We also demonstrate this by going to the most important races for years and by intervening directly in critical moments, when the facts and decisions on the field count, not the criticisms of those who have never entered the game. Problems can be solved, changes taken into consideration, but always in democratic way. We have always been open to new members and new ideas but true to our principles and without having to compromises and with no conflicts of interest, because our only purpose is to work for the good of all riders. With our surveys, our chats on telegram, meetings on zoom, the riders can participate in first person and express their opinions directly. We listen to everyone’s voice and give a voice to those who do not have one. Proudly, we are and will continue to be the spokespersons of all riders».

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