Alessandra Cappellotto riders delegate at Giro d’Italia Women

By PressCPA
Giugno 26, 2024
alessandra cappellotto

After the National Championships, it is time for the Giro d’italia Women 2024, organised for the first time by RCS Sport in partnership with the FCI – Italian Cycling Federation, to be held from July 7th to 14th.

President of CPA Women Alessandra Cappellotto is looking forward to supporting the riders at the “pink race” as CPA’s rider’s delegate for safety and extreme weather protocol application. Cappellotto is a former cycling professional, Olympian and world champion. Alessandra will liaise with riders throughout the race and listen and respond to their concerns and share them with the UCI, organisers, commissaires – and all other parties.

Riders have had their voices heard in the planning of the event thanks to the collaborative conversations facilitated by CPA Women. The Giro Donne is a favourite of the women’s peloton. They love the challenging climbs and consider the Giro is iconic for these.

The Grande Partenza of the Giro d’Italia Women is approaching. Brescia is getting ready to welcome the great stars of women’s cycling, who fwill battle it out to win the Maglia Rosa in what is one of the most eagerly awaited and coveted events of the year. On Saturday 6th July at 18.00, the teams presentation will take place in Piazza della Loggia, preamble to a series of events and activities aimed at highlighting the competition. The grand finale will be in L’Aquila, after eight stages.

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