Adam Hansen runs for CPA president

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Marzo 3, 2023
adam hansen cpa president

Yesterday the Steering Committee of the world association of cyclists Cyclistes Professionnels Associés met and validated the candidatures for the upcoming elections scheduled on 17 March. Adam Hansen proposed himself for the presidency of the CPA. The former rider in the last 14 years that the association has been chaired by Gianni Bugno has shown himself to be sensitive to the problems of the riders and the association, dynamic and enterprising, both in his competitive career and outside cycling.

41 years old from Southport, Queensland, Hansen is recognised as the Ironman of cycling, capable of racing 20 Grand Tours in a row and then becoming a real estate entrepreneur in Czech Republic. A results-driven software engineer with over 20 years of experience developing and delivering high-quality database software solutions, he is the founder and president of the AAPC – Australian Association of Professional Cyclists and has developed products and projects refining skills in various fields (here you can find his CV). Passionate about programming, composites, automation electronics, 3D printing, engineering, puzzle solving and, of course, sport, he is looking forward to putting his love and knowledge of cycling to use for the group.

«I have a strong background in cycling, having raced at the highest level for almost 15 years. During this time, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing unions today. I am particularly passionate about ensuring that all riders have fair rights, benefits, and safe racing conditions» Hansen explained to the cyclists who will cast their votes at the CPA General Assembly in a fortnight’ time.

«As President of the CPA, I would bring a vision for a dynamic and inclusive organization that leverages the strengths of its members to achieve shared goals. I believe that effective leadership requires not only the ability to inspire and motivate others, but also the skills to build strong relationships, resolve conflicts, and make informed decisions – assures the former Australian professional in his letter of application -. I am confident in my ability to work collaboratively with the board, staff, and members to implement this vision and drive positive change. I am committed to fostering a culture of openness, transparency, and inclusiveness, and to building a union that truly represents the needs and interests of all its members».

The election of the new CPA president will take place on 17 March in Milan (Italy) on the eve of the Milano-Sanremo and the Trofeo Binda, either in person at the Hotel Le Favaglie Cornaredo or remotely via the MyCPA app, which all riders are invited to download as soon as possible after their registration in the “members” section on the site It is important that the riders express their opinion in order to legitimise who will represent them with the UCI and other cycling stakeholders over the next four years.

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